Following a rich and varied professional life, as a journalist and then a press relations manager in the luxury industry, I decided to jump into a new adventure dedicated to children aged 5 to 9 years old: an educational mobile application that is also playful, interactive and, I believe, clever too.

As a parent, I wanted to foster my children’s curiosity, and that of their friends, in an app that would cater to their thirst for knowledge, and favor the desire to keep on learning. In a world that moves so quickly, I wondered how we parents might encourage children to take their time and search for deeper understanding of subjects that interest them. It seemed to me that it would be the gift of a lifetime to not force curiosity, but to awaken it.

Today, as parents, we are all facing the same dilemma: we know that too much screen time is detrimental to our kids’ development. However, when used wisely, apps can become a precious educational tool, in line with our children’s fascination for technology – a great tool that instills in children a desire to learn, while having fun. And so it was that I decided to develop an application manned by an adorable robot named Witty who sparks children’s interest and takes them by the hand (with the help of artificial intelligence and a highly advanced speech recognition system) and tells them everything they could possibly want to know about a chosen theme, in a playful and interactive way.

Witty the Robot application is an opportunity to teach children about different subjects that fascinate them.

Because every child experiences a ‘dinosaur phase’ — my 8-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son are still there — the first that naturally came to mind was the Tyrannosaurus-Rex.

T-Rex is the most famous dino of them all. But why? I wanted my children, and others, to learn everything they could about him. Have you ever wondered where in the world he lived? How we know he was carnivorous, even though he lived 68 million years ago? And what other dinosaurs he roamed the earth with?

Thanks to Witty, children can actively participate and be involved in discovering one of the biggest carnivores of all time. While children can explore independently, it can also be a real moment to share and have fun together. Who can be the first to figure out what those tiny arms were for? Who can best imitate his roar or identify where in the world his remains have been discovered?

Unless you are a paleontologist, we are sure that the Witty the Robot application will open up a world of discovery: your child will be very proud to share what he or she learned — and might even be able to teach you a thing or two.

And T-Rex is only the beginning. Soon, Witty will grow to include new themes that invite children into new worlds. There are so many things to discover together!